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BREAKING: 2 Slimy Politicians Go Missing In D.C. Hours After Sean Hannity Drops Late-Night Bombshell


Over the past several days, the scandal involving the fake dossier that was used to smear President Trump has been in the news. We learned that traitor John McCain broke federal law to work with a foreign government to overthrow the President where he collaborated with foreign spy Christopher Steele and his London firm who later sold it to Trump’s political opponents. Now a bombshell involving two other traitor politicians is emerging, and suspiciously, these men are nowhere to be found in Washington D.C.

On Sean Hannity’s segment of his show on Wednesday night, he told his audience that he has information proving that it was  former FBI Director James Comey or FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who paid for the phony Trump dossier that was then used by US intelligence officials to spy on Trump.

Sean Hannity: I’m hearing from sources that either Comey or McCabe paid. Do you hear the same.

Sara Carter: I’m hearing both stories Sean.

In light of yet another scandal involving these two clowns, now Comey and McCabe have suspiciously gone radio silent, where they’re most likely hunkering down in an effort to avoid the massive sh*t storm that’s about to explode. “As the noose tightens around the deep state criminal network, both James Comey and Andrew McCabe have gone silent. Crooked cop James Comey has not tweeted since this tweet on January 3rd,” The Gateway Pundit confirmed.

Hannity went on:

This is going to get a lot more outrageous before it’s all done. And to some of us who are tempted to ask: “How could these people possibly be so arrogant to think they were going to get away with this?”

Comey is likely panicking at this point, as his career is already on the line after a team of lawyers made their move last week to permanently ban him from ever practicing law again. As we previously reported:

“Ty Clevenger, a lawyer who has filed a grievance against the former FBI Director made a statement on Friday to the New York lawyers’ disciplinary committee stating that if Comey did in fact leak classified information about his meetings with the President, he should be brought up on charges and disciplined by the bar association of New York, and then banned from ever practicing law again!”

We’ve learned in recent months that the FBI is riddled with Obama’s minions and has transformed into the rogue criminal arm of Obama’s shadow government. The FBI is now fully operating as essentially Obama’s secret police, as these law enforcement agencies are now doing the bidding of slimy politicians rather than upholding their oath which is to pursue impartial justice on behalf of the public. Even further, some have accused Comey, who gave the information as a private citizen, of violating U.S. Code 793 of the Espionage Act.

In additon to being the one who paid for the dossier, Comey has also been busted in recent months as the sole “leaker” who has been tipping the liberal media off with classified information within Trump’s administration. The Washington Examiner Reports:

Is James Comey in trouble for ‘leaking’ his own notes?
Fired FBI Director James Comey raised serious questions when he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he was the source of leaked memos to the New York Times.

“My judgment was I needed to get [the memos] out into the public square,” Comey said. “So, I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. I didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

The issue of whether doing so actually makes Comey a “leaker” of government information is not a black and white one.

Some have accused Comey, who gave the information as a private citizen, of violating U.S. Code 793 of the Espionage Act.

It’s high time that President Trump holds these treasonous windbags accountable for their crimes and puts them behind bars where they belong. It’s truly unreal the level of treachery that exists in Washington D.C.

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