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Hollywood Liberals Trash Trump At Golden Globes, So Denzel Washington Sets Them Straight

The liberal elite uses every possible annual celebration as a means for promoting their agenda. This years’ Golden Globes were no different in this aspect.However as most of the celebrities gathered to revel in the opportunity to trash President Donald Trump, one actor among them, showed that he had no intention of being dragged into their spiteful charade.That actor who straightened out his liberal colleagues was  Denzel Washington.

After the rough year the Hollywood industry has had, with all the harassment allegations flying around, they’ve tried to redirect  the attention towards the President and  accuse him of their own indiscretions. Naturally there were big differences between the accusations of, for example Weinstein, and those against Trump.

For starters the women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct were payed to do so, having absolutely no evidence to back their cases up.

The Golden Globes on Sunday were turned into a night of political activism . To express their solidarity to the victims of sexual abuse, most of the actors wore black and even took political activists as their plus-ones for the show. Most of them were the very same actors that covered up the abuse Harvey Winstein did.

However, the one man who was honest was Washington, as he appeared not so impressed with the efforts of his colleagues. He said on his interview on the red carpet:

While other celebrities sold an industry that was in the midst of serious change given the recent sexual misconduct scandals, Washington had a much more grounded reaction to change within the industry (including to stars wearing black in “solidarity” against sexual harassment. [Source: PopZette]

He gave the rest of Hollywood a good reality check, as he said “It’s important to follow through.” as he stood next to his wife to whom he has been married for over 30 years.

Washington commented about the stars choice of color, and also said  “It’s important to see what’s happening a year from now,” which was basically a warning for his colleagues that the world will be watching their actions all of the time, not just when it’s politically worthwhile.

They are not fooling anybody, wearing a 12,000 dollars black dress, or posting a hashtag on social media won’t stop sexual harassment from happening. They knew about the increasing sexual abuse in their own industry all along, and did nothing to call it out and now they are all trying to play heroes with their speeches.

Unless they start practicing what they’re preaching, their political stunts in front of cameras won’t help anyone.

Featured Image Source H/T : Mad World News

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