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On Air Force One with Alveda King, Trump Signs New Law That Media Will Never Report

President Donald Trump proves his greatness, once again.

He signed a measure that creates a new national historic park for Martin Luther King, Jr. But the media wants to keep it buried so that liberals don’t find out, that’s why it isn’t on the covers.

According to CNN, this Monday, President Trump signed a measure, creating a new national historic park for Martin Luther Kind Jr.

The singing was performed on Air Force One, before the niece of the late iconic civil rights leader, Alveda King.With this law, Georgia will get the first national historic park in the state. It was financed by Democratic Rep. John Lewis, who was the same man the boycotted the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, just because Trump gave a speech at the event.

As reported by USA Today there will be a federal holiday celebration in the name of the civil right leader on Monday, after Trump signed a related bill, the African American Civil Rights Network Act of 2017, which requires the National Park Service to link various historical sites related to the civil rights movement.In order to commemorate the first arrival of Africans in the English colonies in America, he also signed  400 Years of African-American History Commission Act .

Yet another report, from CBN News states how Alveda King, the Evangelist niece of the great Martin Luther King Jr. told them.

“I was there on Air Force One, and I was there when the president signed the bill in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., my uncle, making that historic site here in Atlanta, Georgia, where I live, a national park.”

According to her, the president’s signing of the bill contradicts all accusations that he is a racist, that began circulating when Trump responded to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Alveda said “And so that (the signing of the bill) was not a racist act, and somebody says, ‘Well, he had to sign it.’ Well, he didn’t,” and “Presidents veto bills all the time. President Trump was happy to sign that bill.”

She also added “And so many times, President Donald John Trump has expressed admiration for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Her praising of the President continued :“I believe that President Donald John Trump is working very hard to make America great again,” she concluded, “And he continues to demonstrate that he wants to do that for all Americans, so the question of racism just doesn’t fit that profile to me.”

In addition, Alveda King expressed her belief that President Trump is working in favor of every American citizen, regardless of their “skin color and socioeconomic conditions.” She also stressed that she strongly disagrees with all accusations  that claim he is a racist, saying:

“So do I believe that President Donald John Trump is a racist? No, I do not,” she emphasized. “And I celebrate 2018 and believing that Americans will come together and lead the world as an example as one nation under God.”

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