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Pelosi Attacks Trump, Gets Massive Dose Of Karma When She Sees Who Is On Her Property

Nancy Pelosi is yet another Democrat in the anti-Trump clan.

She proved that, not that long ago, when she attacked President Donald Trump. But karma is a tricky thing Nancy!

She received a little dose of reality when voters saw a strange thing on her property in California.

People are not blind to the Democrat’s tactics, but it seems like they don’t care much for that. They only care about opposing the president. They are seizing the opportunity, now that Trump has shifted his focus to the border security.

Since President Trump came in office we are seeing rightful deportation happening at last.

His focus has been directed  on immigrants who have broken the law second time after coming to our country illegally.

To keep his promise that he gave during his campaign, he has once again focused on the absorbent border and the solution of this problem.

After he announced that his administration will look into an immigration reform and border security, Democrats have started going crazy.

Their biggest concern now, as it appears, is the fact that Trump has put an end date on DACA and is forcing them to the table.

Regardless that they’ve agreed with similar policies in the past, they once again use every possible argument at their disposal to attack the president and his ways.

However, now leading the army of Trump-haters is Nancy Pelosi herself.

She expressed her opinion in a tweet where she claimed that Americans reject Trump’s “immoral and hateful obsession with building a wall on the border.” Unfortunately for her this is far from the truth.

She took  it a little too far by saying that the wall was a “symbol of hate” so Americans are punishing her with the truth.

Namely, Nancy Pelosi and her husband Paul have a vineyard on  Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena, California. And what the House Minority Leader  failed to acknowledge is that she herself has a giant wall on that property that is put there to keep away unwelcomed visitors. This wall is valued around between $5,000,001 and $25 million.

This is the dirty little secret she was hiding from the public.

The American Mirror points out : “Note the tennis court and multiple buildings on the property. Note, too, the fence across the driveway,” saying  “How exclusive! How oppressive! How…hateful?”

Since she used a WALL to protect her property from strangers and trespassers why does it have to be any different with America? The purpose of that wall would be exactly the same – to keep unwelcomed visitors who don’t have proper authorization, off American soil.

We are fully aware of the hypocrisy of  the Democrats, but the tantrum they’re throwing over this wall is insane.

Featured Image Source H/T : Mad World News

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